5 Ways Salesforce Can Revolutionize Your Marketing

published on 14 July 2022

The marketing cloud is a robust platform that combines sales and marketing functions. We are sure that CRM is the first word that comes to your mind when it comes to managing customers. However, the marketing cloud that that a step further and helps you carve a strategy based on your end goals

Interconnected customer experiences

Customer communication shouldn't just be limited to the initial communication and feedback. For successful retention and satisfaction, companies need to consistently stay in touch ith with their clients. That's where the Salesforce Experience Cloud steps in. This allows your team to make the most of online communication, and create personalized meeting points. Furthermore, you can also decide on different ways in which you can keep in touch with your customers. (mobile applications, advertising, social media, etc.)

Better customer insights

Salesforce CDP is known to provide you with a 360-degree view of the data. You can bring in various forms of data both, via primary and secondary sources. Merely collected data isn't going to be useful. Salesforce allows your team to gather data, and derive meaningful insights out of it. 

Automation Powerhouse

Is this even a surprise that this point made it to the list? Automate your repetitive tasks using the robust platform. Save time, and money and say hello to efficiency. Automate mundane tasks such as follows ups, quote creation, etc

Lead Capture

Potential leads have different levels of importance. Einstein lead scoring helps you differentiate between an actual potential lead and an unproductive one. This is an AI-powered lead qualification tool that gets your increased conversion rates, better focus on your best prospects, and a user-friendly interface.

Data-centric Strategy

The Salesforce Einstien tool is a powerhouse for combining data with customer insights. It uses AI to take your marketing strategies to the next level. To make things better, the marketing cloud is compatible with SQL to make sure all your data can be imported for a holistic strategy-building process. 

To conclude, the important tools that Cognat's team works with are listed below. Marketing is ever-changing. In order to achieve your organization's goals you need to stay on track with the new tools and technologies within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Top Salesforce Marketing Tools

  • Einstein Service Cloud
  • Google Analytics 360
  • Marketing Cloud Account Engagement (formerly Pardot)
  • Marketing Cloud Intelligence (formerly Datorama)
  • Marketing Cloud Engagement (formerly Journey Builder)

Cognate: Your trusted Salesforce Partner

Cognate can help with your Salesforce products implementation: Salesforce is a holistic platform and it's constantly updating its features. To ensure that you can reap the most out of this, you can look at a trusted Salesforce partner. A salesforce implementation partner helps you save time and costs by filling in the technical gaps. Cognate works with companies to ensure that they can reach their salesforce goals in a simple and organized manner. Connect with our team today  

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