5 Salesforce Service Cloud Features that Enhance your Customer Service

published on 20 June 2022

Customer Churn is one of the biggest challenges faced by a company. In order to keep the churn level low, one needs to be at the top of their servicing game. Hyper personalized customer support can help businesses focus on delivering high-quality solutions to their consumers. Keeping this in mind, let's talk about the Salesforce Service Cloud. Using the service cloud companies can create scalable solutions. 

The Service Cloud enables businesses to make use of AI-powered workflows and created customer touchpoints at every step. From SLack integration to the Service cloud 360, there are different ways solutions for every need.

Below are some of our personal favorite features which can help you take your customer service to the next level. Before we dive deep into those, let's take a quick glance at how Salesforce Service Cloud can add value to your customer journey.

Core Benefits of Salesforce Service Cloud

  • Case Management: Treat each case with utmost attention from case creation, assignment, escalation & prioritization
  • Complete Customer View: Get an in-depth insight into your customer behavior and activity and grow your retention rate
  • Communication Channels: Develop effective communication channels for smooth conversations between reps and customers

Salesforce Service Cloud features for customer success

1. Knowledge Base – Get the right answers to the agents and customers faster

Salesforce has a complete database of information to help your consultants find answers. This way any potential roadblocks can easily be looked into without affecting your efficiency. The Knowledge base platform allows your agents to share and receive information with other agents. This way your entire team benefits from the sharing of information. This also ensures that your customer service team has access to a wide variety of answers that can be used to address customer queries and needs.

2. Live Agent – Instant 1:1 Chat

Chatbots are a quick way to get give customers direct access to your team. Salesforce service cloud has a huge team of subject matter experts. The service cloud can connect your team to a multilingual live agent anytime you need help. The chat option is one on one to ensure that you get full attention to get your issues sorted. 

3. Telephony Integration

Make the most out of your phone systems using this. There are multiple features and benefits such as knowing beforehand who is calling without even picking up the phone, you can call your customers with just a click and be more productive. Furthermore, it gives you an option to log all your calls automatically thus simplifying your life. Finally, you can control your calls using your computer devise. Things such as  

4. Custom Reports and Dashboards

Turn data into meaningful reports in real-time. This feature used your existing data to give you a 360-degree view of the customer. There is also a feature of service wave analysts that uses wave technology to enable better decision-making. This service gives you a 30-day free trial and you get access to all the features right away. 

5. Lightning Service Console

This is your one-stop option to bring all the information to one place. From building dashboards to customer profiles, to case histories- all things can be done from one place. It used the most frequently taken actions and puts those in one place for your agents to work with. Furthermore, every action becomes a part of the lightning console enabling agents to view info such as -customer profile, purchase history, etc from one place.

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