Data Cleaning

 According to marketing and sales professionals, 30% of their customer records contain incorrect information. Bad data costs businesses in the United States alone $3 trillion per year; the global figure is staggering. Don't underestimate the impact of bad data on your business or the ROI you stand to gain by ensuring that your data remains pure. You never want your customers to have a bad experience when they interact with your brand. Data issues are persistent and will continue to plague every customer until the data is corrected.

Proper Salesforce data management technology implementation provides your company with the ability to collect relevant data and automatically incorporate it into the development of new products or services.

Data cleaning

What does unclean data look like in your business?

  •  Duplicate Data
  • Problems in data entry, such as typos.
  • Wrong formatting for addresses and phone numbers.
  • Errors in data importing and exporting data between systems 
  • Critical fields that drive lead scoring, assignment, and other procedures are missing values
  • Free text fields with inconsistent values, such as Job Title 
  • Unused Legacy fields that clog your database

What our process looks like

  • What our process looks like
  • Validation
  • Development of the right tool
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