Salesforce Training & User Adoption

Equip your team with the right strategies and tools. Say hello to smooth onboarding via Cognate's training

Cognate Salesforce Training & User Adoption

Why Training Matters

  • Cognate Salesforce Training
  • Cognate Salesforce training services
  • Employee Resistance

    We are creatures of habit. Employee resistance and poor management support can mess up goal achievement

  • Smooth Onboarding

    Proper training ensures that your plans are successfully put in place regardless of size, complexity or geography

  • People-First Approach

    Your impacted users need to feel comfortable first. That way they will be willing to welcome change and move with you towards a common goal.

How Cognate Offers Value

  • Personalized Training

    • Training Planning & Management
    • Role-based Training
    • Training Sessions
    • Post Training Support
  • Change Readiness & Communication

    • Initiate a Change Management Strategy
    • Develop a strategy to get support
    • Identify key changes
    • Deploy a communication plan
  • Stakeholder Engagement & Support

    • Identify & interview key individuals
    • Create a network to build support
    • Develop a engagement plan
    • Follow up and Feedback

Simple Processes, Big Value

  • Cognate
    Understand the goals & objectives
  • 19
    Define your strategy
  • 16
    Develop personalized training curriculum
  • 17
    Track your progress
  • 18
    Feedback- You Did It!
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