Three Salesforce Products To Boost Your Customer Engagement

published on 14 June 2022

Landing well on your customers' expectations is what distinguishes successful businesses from others. As a result, companies work hard to personalize and customize the customer experience. Next up, measuring customer engagement provides companies insights into their strategies. Proper data gathering can allow your team to plan what's next or what needs to be enhanced. Covid-19 was the turning point in the way businesses interact with their consumers. There is a shift towards hyper-personalized and customized products. In addition to that, one needs to adopt a multichannel approach and have various touchpoints with their customer

Here are the top three Salesforce products that can help you take customer engagement to the next level.

Salesforce Service Cloud

What is it: Salesforce Service Cloud is a one-stop shop for keeping your customer connected. It helps you make strategies within different fields such as Customer Service, Self-service, Digital Channels, and Field service. It allows you to design AI-powered workflows by bringing the entire support team to one place. This way your team can constantly touch each other and know what is going on within a particular group. Furthermore, you can now solve your problems faster.

How it Helps You: -You can engage with customers on their favorite channels. 

-Put all your digital interactions in one place while automating workflows and business processes

-Serve customers faster with proper customer serving mechanisms

-Drive support with AI-powered chatbots on your app and website

Salesforce Sales Cloud

What is it: This helps you earn greater revenue and drive better sales. Sales are the key to your business success. Efficient sales management via intelligent automation can help you grow your profits. Salesforce helps your sales reps' teams work better, close more deals and collect cash quicker. Salesforce has a special focus on ensuring that your sales team can make a seamless transition to the online world of selling. You can virtually sell, forecast, and plan regardless of your team and customer location.

How it Helps You: 

-Contact Management: Manage all your potential leads and contacts from one place

-Opportunity Management: Ensure that you don't miss any sales opportunities and can move faster on the customer timeline

-Sales Forecasting: Use existing sales data to forecast what can happen in the future. This way you can make informed decisions

-Process Automation: Automate all the sales tasks from tracking, setting email alerts, and designing workflows.

-Mobile CRM: This way you can access, manages, and update your CRM data from one place

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

What is it: This is a 360-degree marketing product that makes your marketing strategy efficient. It enables your team to approach the outreach strategy in different ways such as Email marketing, digital marketing, B2B demand generation, marketing analytics, and digital advertising.

How it helps: Different solutions can be adopted by your team

-Customer Data Platform: Unify all your data in one place to get the complete customer-centric view

-Personalization: Understand each customer's personal needs and make strategies accordingly

-Engagement: Develop deeper customer relationships via personalized marketing

-Account Engagement: Combine sales and marketing in one place for the full b2b experience

-Intelligence: Bring all the marketing data, KPIs, decisions, and metrics to one place

-Loyalty Management: Foster trust and earn customer loyalty using personalized strategies

Cognate can help with your Salesforce products implementation: Salesforce is a holistic platform and it's constantly updating its features. To ensure that you can reap the most out of this, you can look at a trusted Salesforce partner. A salesforce implementation partner helps you save time and costs by filling in the technical gaps. Cognate works with companies to ensure that they can reach their salesforce goals in a simple and organized manner. Connect with our team today 

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