5 Salesforce Mistakes That Can Mess Your Business ROI

published on 28 June 2022

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful tool to help automate and improve business processes. At the same time, certain habits could kill your progress and impede the ROI. The truth is, many organizations, owing to a lack of proper guidance end up making mistakes that mess up their efficiency. While specific qualifications can easily address any technical difficulties, there are some fundamental issues that require some thinking.

Below are some common Salesforce mistakes that can easily be avoided.

1. Lack of Standardised Data Collection Process

Data is power. its primary source of research which can provide your team with meaningful insights. Lack of proper data is one of the top reasons for failed CRM processes. Ensure that your data is properly collected and organized from multiple channels so that you can follow up and design appropriate workflows. A standardized process is important to avoid duplication of data and maintain 100% accuracy.

2. No Customization

What worked for your competitor or another company may not work for you. Salesforce is highly dynamic and gives your company a lot of room for designing custom processes that suit your needs. The app exchange contains over 3400 apps for you to pick from so it's easy to get confused. A certified Salesforce expert can ensure that your company can design processes and workflows that suit your individual needs. 

3. No Data Migration Strategy

Data migration is responsible to bring all your data to a centralized location for ease of use. If your pair this with a solid data integration strategy then it can take your business's processes to the next level. Data integration is responsible for the seamless movement of data across different processes such as CRM, inventory management, account management, sales cycle, etc. A strong foundation of data migration and integration can help you get the most out of your business processes.

4. Lack of Training

If you're not making the most out of Trailhead, then you're missing out big time. The Salesforce trailhead is a community with an abundance of resources, free training modules, and seminars to keep you on track with the latest Salesforce developments. You need to ensure that your team keeps getting regular training and is well versed with the Salesforce ecosystem. Lack of learning leads to stagnancy and keeps you away from adopting the best practices. Salesforces releases feature updates thrice a year. A quarterly training strategy will help you in the long run.

5. No Process Automation

It's surprising that even today there are a lot of organizations without automated CRM strategy, marketing automation, support, and customer service. From marketing emails to generating quotes, automating mundane processes can free up a lot of time.

Cognate can help with your Salesforce products implementation: Salesforce is a holistic platform and it's constantly updating its features. To ensure that you can reap the most out of this, you can look at a trusted Salesforce partner. A salesforce implementation partner helps you save time and costs by filling in the technical gaps. Cognate works with companies to ensure that they can reach their salesforce goals in a simple and organized manner. Connect with our team today   

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