What is Sales Automation: A Guide to Boosting Your Revenue

updated on 30 December 2022

A sale requires a great amount of effort. Salespeople spend a lot of time evaluating what the consumer wants, reaching out to them, and following up. It's a nightmare to manage calls, meetings, and emails when the number of potential clients or consumers grows. This is where the sales automation software comes in. With the help of sales automation, you can drastically improve the conversion rate from leads to closed deals while also relieving pressure on your sales team. If you aren't already using the best sales force automation software, you're wasting your money. Check out our comprehensive sales automation guide to learn more about how to boost sales and revenue.

What is sales automation?

The term "sales automation" refers to the way that automation software is used in the sales department to do repetitive, predictable work. A survey found that many sector leaders don't know about or haven't thought about the benefits of sales automation, which are growing in a wide range of use cases.

Consider sending bills and follow-up emails, as well as responding to consumer inquiries. These administrative tasks can take up a lot of time that could be used for more important things. And they frequently need to be done on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

Outsourcing these activities to sales automation software boosts your team's efficiency. And it's a lot less expensive than hiring a new assistant who happens to enjoy repetitive tasks. Up to one-third of all tasks related to sales can be automated! Early adopters of sales automation often say that it gives them more time with customers, makes customers happier, makes them 10–15% more efficient, and could lead to a 10% increase in sales.

What benefits does sales automation software offer?

In a nutshell, using sales automation software can boost both your productivity and your revenue. Businesses that utilize sales automation have claimed an increase in efficiency of up to 15%t, as well as an increase in sales of up to 10%.  Even though there are so many great reasons to automate sales tasks, only one in four businesses have done so. This indicates that three out of every four businesses waste more time than is necessary.

If you fall into that category, keep reading to learn how sales automation can help you succeed.

Optimize and expand your sales pipeline:

Sales automation software can handle critical (but time-consuming) aspects of the sales pipeline. Are you gathering client information and email addresses? Sending customized emails to your customers? With automation services, these tasks become a breeze. The automation program can even make suggestions for products to buy and guide customers through the checkout process.

Ensure that no leads are missed:

The first impression is the most important. If you fail to follow up with new business prospects, you may lose their company as a result. On the other hand, if you are the one who is sending all of those follow-up emails, this will inevitably occur. This is where you can benefit from using the best sales force automation software.

Improve the overall satisfaction of your customers:

Your customers care about receiving service with a personal touch. When it comes to running their companies, some business owners are afraid that relying on automation would cause them to miss out on something crucial. On the other hand, an effective automation plan may produce the opposite result. If they had more time, your team would be able to deliver quicker and more effective help to your clients when it really mattered.

Your entire company shares the same information:

Your customer service software connects with your sales automation systems so that all the important information can be kept in one place. The data about your sales should be centralized so that all of your team members can work together in harmony. This way, you won't have to worry about stepping on each other's toes while trying to build on each other's successes.

Evaluate your progress against a standard:

The sales automation software program may not only carry out the activities but also report on how they were completed. You can get data on crucial KPIs whenever you need it, such as the number of new subscribers or qualified prospects. These analytics will assist you in tracking your growth and establishing targets. The best part is that you won't have to waste any of your valuable time generating them.

Now is the time to automate your sales with Cognate!

Don't just automate for the sake of automating. Create an automation plan tailored to your business's use case. To find out if sales automation software could be a time- and money-saver, you should take a close look at your current procedures and workflows. To keep everyone accountable, develop a strategy with trackers and milestones. In this way, the impact of automation becomes clear and actionable.

You'll be able to discover which parts of your sales process need automation once you've determined which ones are ineffective. It is now time to define your objectives. Set precise and measurable goals for what you want to achieve with automation. Cognate is one of the most reliable Salesforce consultants available today. It is also loaded with the industry's leading best sales force automation software, which helps to give your customers a remarkable experience.

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